Bioinformatics Services

Gen Era Diagnostics provides comprehensive solutions for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) and microarray technologies from  sample preparation to  bioinformatic analysis. Our expert bioinformatics team, provide complete support to clinicians and researchers in both molecular diagnostics and life sciences.

Analysis Support Process


Determınatıon of analysıs method and progress


Determınatıon of statıstıcal approach and analysıs


Sharıng of analysıs summary and vısual output

Bıoınformatıcs Analysıs Traınıng:

We provide detailed information about bioinformatics analysis processes with interactive trainings on demand.

Clinical Bioinformatics Analysis

We provide services to the clinicians together with our expert bioinformatics team for the rapid and accurate analysis of high amount of data produced with next generation genomic technologies.

We developed  GenerAVI that annotates variants automatically, we present all variants associated with the disease or the phenotype of interest to clinicians a clear and understandable analysis summary.


Compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac OSX


Expert Variant Database

Query of variants with bioinformatics tools as ClinVar Expert Panel, SIMBA, ENIGMA, PharmGKB


In-House Variant Database

Calculation of population frequency of the variant with in-house database generated with the previous analysis results


Clinical Classification

GenerAVI classifies each variant automatically according to its pathogenicity based on 12 ACMG evidences


Variant Filtration

Variant Filtration system based on clinical significance, pathogenicity and population frequencies


Analysis Summary

Analysis summary of variants with clinical significance related to the known phenotype as well as  the benign variants, VUS and secondary findings

Life Sciences


In the field of life sciences, we provide services ranging from whole genome sequencing to metagenomic analysis. Our services include:

  • RNA Sequencing and Transcriptome Analysis
  • Whole Genome and Whole Exome Sequencing Analysis
  • Metagenomics: Microbiome Profiling
  • Epigenome Analysis
  • Genotype Analysis
  • Real Time PCR Analysis

Bioinformatics Platforms

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What does our team offer you?

Integrated Project Management:
From experiment design to project management

High Data Privacy and Security

Optimized Workflow

Rapid target reaching opportunity in diagnosis and research with up-to-date analysis and visual output

Current Scientific Knowledge

Rapid Result Generation